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The Kraken Awakes…

Ok, so it’s not that dramatic, but we have spent the better half of the past three days setting up and creating this new website.

As we’re the type of people who don’t buy off the shelf packages, we decided to build the website up from the ground – which includes creating all the necessary graphics, headers and such all by ourselves. It’s a good job we both know a few things about graphic & web design! Now all we need to do is finish setting up the new YouTube channel ready for launch day Saturday 16th January.

2 thoughts on “The Kraken Awakes…

  1. Hurrah and good luck. I have rediscovered my love of baking, so delighted to support this. Lovely to watch the banter. I just need a break from mix media, so sewing and baking are my add on to get me through this time. I may even have the courage to share with neighbours, as the downside is I just can’t eat everything I want to bake, and I have only just emptied the freezer from my efforts during May!

    1. Great to have you with us on this new venture – we also supply our neighbours with what we can’t manage to eat ourselves – this isn’t going to help our old waistlines – that’s for sure! Mx

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